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2020年PENROSEからのTHEE SINSEERS。ロウライダー・スィート・ソウル、西海岸ソウル。THE ALTONSでもリリースするJoe Quinones達。

2018年に「Live At The Recordium」のセッションで披露し、その映像はYOUTUBEで200万回再生を超えている「SEEMS LIKE」が〈PENROSE〉から正規7インチリリース。映像よりも、音から溢れ出るイマジネーションで十分最高。〈PENROSE〉, 〈DAPTONE〉のボスBOSCO MANNがプロデュース。最高のスィート・ソウル。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Seems Like
B.Seems Like (Instrumental)

It’s about time someone put this cut on a 45! As one of the most popular groups on today’s So-Cal soul scene, Thee Sinseers need little introduction. Their performance of “Seems Like” live at the Recordium went viral to the tune of over a million views, making them thee in-demand group for souldies parties up and down the coast. I heard they even played one party where the crowd wouldn’t let them leave the stage before playing “Seems Like” for the third time. When asked what song they wanted to cut for their Penrose session, singer, songwriter, and man-who-can-play-any-instrument, Joey Quiñones didn’t hesitate to answer, “We need a proper recording of that song.” And so it was done. In the candle-lit studio, the band delivered unto us a starkly intimate rendition, stripping the tune down to its underthings, and laying bare Joe Q’s euphonious exhortations.



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