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MADTEO Head Gone Wrong By Noise

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SENTATIONALから、JOY ORBISON & BODDIKA 、DJ SOTOFETTまで各地のアンダーグラウンドアクトとともコラヴォレーションも行ってきたNYCアンダーグラウンドMADTEOが〈HONEST JON'S RECORDS〉からリリース!DDSからの2019年の「Dropped Out Sunshine」以来となるニューアルバム!

WORKSHOP、WANIA、MEAKUSMA、HINGE FINGER、SAHKOなど世界各地のアンダーグラウンドなネットワークからリリース、愛されてきたMADTEOがHONEST JON'Sからダブルパックのアルバムリリース!RAWでDOPEにスピーカーを揺らす独創的ダンスアルバム。サックス、ダブルベース、ドラムのフリーインプロヴァイズを交えた曲も。WILL BANKHEADによるアートワーク、見開きスリーヴ、ダブルパック2LP。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Since Man Crawled Out Of The Slimesample
A2.Big Stack Attacksample
A3.Know Funsample
B1.Deserts Of Social Isolationsample
B2.Freeze The Cheesesample
C1.They Rolled Over For Him And He Rolled Over Themsample
C2.Character Assassinations Repairssample
D1.People Impersonating Personssample
D2.Not This, Not Thatsample

Visceral, elemental, electronic funk, conjured from scraps of sound, breath, mutterings, dubwise remembrances, scuffling, sweat and blood, thin air — ‘crawled out of the slime’, as the opener puts it, self-engendering like the baddie in Terminator — all harnessed to cruelly grooving earthquake bass and b-boy drum science.

Rhythmically it has ants in its pants and it needs to dance, with an improvisatory, streetwise nervous energy and uninhibited, purposeful rapture, crossed with on-song Pepe Bradock and stripped-to-the-bone, mongrel hip-hop.

It’s unruly and edgy, a bit off its rocker, emotionally ranging — typically anxious, often nostalgic — and riveting dance music.

Mastering by D&M; first-class Pallas pressing; stunning gatefold artwork by Will Bankhead.



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