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80sマジカル・シンセサイザー・サウンド。マンチェスターのレーベルTalking Drumsの理でディットシリーズDRUM CHUMSの第4弾。ディスコ・ダブ。イタロ・ディスコ、電子ファンクのユニークさ。

NEIL DIABLOやBASSOが担当してきた〈DRUM CHUMS〉シリーズの第4弾。マンチェスターのニューアクトAPPROACH RELEASE。ナイトライダーやB級のSF映画のようなLOW-FIでこってりな80sシンセサイザーの世界のドラマティックなA1「Krypton Factor」、ダブ・ディスコなビートとエキゾなシンセサイザーで幕開ける「Coma」、ハンマービートなマシーンビート&クラップ、謎語のユニークな「Mino」。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Krypton Factorsample

Making his first appearance on wax is Manchester's hottest property, Approach Release. When he isn't creating cross-genre chaos behind the decks, this genial gee mans the tram, so you gotta know he's comfortable at the controls.
In addition to a clean drivers license, the man is in possession of some seriously deep crates and this three-tracker sees him pick out a few obscurities in serious need of some scalpel.

The A side serves up the swooning space disco of 'Krypton Factor', a mid-tempo trip into the mirror ball nebula which pairs sweet female vox and dramatic sax with malfunctioning electronics and chest height bass riffs. File it under set opener, sci-fi frother and future anthem!

Over on the B side, A.R. indulges in a little beatific boogie via 'Coma', an outer national excursion building from bubbling bass and classy keys into the eventual heart-swelling vocal, an arms aloft moment if ever we've heard one.
We've been dropping this anywhere there's a CDJ and are just as happy as you lot to have it on wax. Approach Release makes it three hits out of three on the B2, as a slept-on slice of synth-pop Francais gets a necessary extension and leaves its lame chorus on the cutting room floor. Tune in for taut drum machines, playful melodies and a chic vocal.

100% Drum Fun Guaranteed.



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