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MICHEL BANABILA Echo Transformations

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オランダの実験音楽、サウンド・アーチストMICHEL BANABILA。「Echo Transformations」。民族音楽、フィールドレコーディング等も交えた電子音楽素晴らしいサウンド。

Astral Industriesからリリースで知られるThe Chi Factoryの母体となるロッテルダム80年代の伝説のアンビエント・プロジェクトCHIにも参加、SÉANCE CENTREから、レア音源がコンパイルされ、BUREAU B等からもリリースされレコードファンにも認知されたオランダの実験音楽、サウンド・アーチストMICHEL BANABILAの音源が〈KNEKELHUIS〉からリリース。録音時期は明記されてませんが新作です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Coral Reef (4:52)sample
A2.Balafon Dub (4:43)sample
A3.The Three Stages Of Endurance (11:00)sample
A4.Echo Transformations (2:15)sample
B1.Zoosemiotics (Short Mix) (7:11)sample
B2.MltVz 5 (3:43)sample
B3.Cassette Loops (2:51)sample
B4.In Other Words (Web SDR Mix) (8:15)sample

Michel Banabila is an indispensable part of the Dutch experimental music scene, where he has acquired a special place with many, in the 40 years that he has been releasing music. Michel is also just as active as a composer for the theater and ballet world, as well as for TV productions, to considerable fame. The threat of drowning in the sea of his oeuvre is real in view of the unprecedented amount of output, but once sailing unmissable monolithic rock formations loom up rapidly.
Echo Transformations' is one of them. It's a magical album, where everything falls into place in a rich domain inspired by the Fourth World dimension. A world of sound arises from our imagination, stimulating the senses. A concept album where every sigh has its place and where no superfluous tone can be heard. What remains is to embrace the inevitable surrender that accompanies unstoppable change. This is Banabila at his best.



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