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FRONT DE CADEAUX Sad Is Fashion / Trans Emois

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ANTINOTEがAgnès B.と組んで、〈SLOW MOTION RECORDS〉等からリリースしてきたデュオFRONT DE CADEAUXの12インチをリリース。スローダンス、レフトフィールド。「Sad Is Fashion」 曲に関して多くは語られてはいませんが、今の時代に意味も考えてしまうようなタイトル。

〈ROCCODISCO〉主宰、Alien Alien等で活動するローマのHugo Sanchezと、ブリュッセルのDJ AthomeことMaurizio FerraraのプロジェクトFRONT DE CADEAUX(F2C)が〈ANTINOTE〉から。 (サイトウ)

"On their way from Roma to Brussels, Maurizio and Ugo AKA Front de Cadeaux (F2C) made a little stop in Paris to slow down the beat at Antinote.

We are thrilled to come back after a little break with the first EP from these two big boys on the label. For our first release of 2022 we offer the double smasher "Sad is Fashion" and "Trans Emois", two heavy and slow club weapons. These two rockets will please techno and trans heads as well as bass, dubstep lovers.

Antinote have been fans of F2C since their collaboration with Lexidisques in 2016 and of course their limited edition hit "La Ketamine” which was released 2 years laters by Emet.

Hope you'll enjoy the very simple style and straight to the point club music as much as we do as there is more to come from Front de Cadeaux on the label later this year. "



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