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STIMULATOR JONES Round Spiritual Ring

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90sでクリスタルなストリート・ソウルから、粘りのコズミック・ファンクやPOPSなど70年代から現代まで、様々なスタイルと時代を描いた、バージニアの天才マルチ奏者・シンガーのSTIMULATOR JONES 最新作

ビリー・アイリッシュまでもがお気に入りのヒットシングル「Soon Never Comes」収録の2018年デビュー作『Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures』から続編となる今作は、パーソナルで傷つきやすい面を見せており、歌詞の面でも鬱病や慢性疼痛との闘いからの復活が触れられています。メロウでスムースなR&B(A1,A2,A4,B2,B3,B5)を中心に、FAT TONYをラップに迎えたG-FUNKなトラックB4「Talk To You」や、本人の音楽ヒーローの一人であるプリンスへの敬意も込められたタイトルやfunkナンバーなど、珠玉の11曲。今シーズンヒットの〈PPU〉のSPACE GHOST FEAT. TEDDY BRYANT「HEAVEN SENT」がツボだった方にもオススメです!気持ちよすぎ (AYAM)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Arrive (3:35)sample
A2.What You Want (3:40)sample
A3.Pain Inside (3:59)sample
A4.Sherbert Sky (4:30)sample
A5.Love Will Light Your Dreams (4:07)sample
B1.Peace, Love, Respect & Adoration (4:12)sample
B2.Vilified (2:49)sample
B3.Impossible (3:03)sample
B4.Talk To You (3:50)sample
B5.Keep On Mashing (3:18)sample
B6.All I Gotta Do (3:01)sample

As a grade-schooler listening to the radio in his dad’s car, Stimulator Jones thought Prince was singing “round spiritual ring” on the hook of “Raspberry Beret.” The adult Stimulator Jones, aka Sam Lunsford, now knows all the lyrics to “Raspberry Beret” – and can play the song on virtually any instrument, from bass to sitar – but when the time came to title his new album, he decided to name it after that misheard lyric.

Round Spiritual Ring shows a more personal and vulnerable side than Stimulator’s debut Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures, with lyrics that touch on his struggles with depression and chronic pain. But Sam is an optimist at heart, and his album’s overarching message is that love and connection are the forces that will ultimately save us. Round Spiritual Ring also symbolizes the connectedness of everything, what Sam calls “repetitive forces in the world” – think DNA, the planets, or vinyl records.



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