• 12inch
  • Digital

003 (+pencil For The First 300 Copies)

  • Cat No: APLWAX003
  • Release: 2018-05-28
  • 2018-07-09


Digital 690 JPY


KiskことGiuseppe D'Alessandro主宰のロンドンのハウス・レーベルAPPAREL MUSICの新作!Apparel Waxの第3弾!(※今入荷分、おまけのエンピツなしのリストックとなりましたので、予めご了承ください) (サイトウ)

Relentless Apparel Wax never misses a beat and is back at it with APLWAX003, the 3rd chapter of the saga. The release is made up of 3 tracks, 3 distinct parts of the same engine, 3 proper dance floor bangers. The EP kicks off with a compelling broken-jazzy beat, with its groovy breakdown and reprises and its funky vocals it's that one track you'll need to shazam on the spot. The 2nd tune will have you right away when you'll hear those tribal rhythmics and hypnotic vocals that drive it till the end while the 3rd is the typical one you'd call a "peak time track

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