• 12inch

Undercover Lovers Vol.2

  • Cat No: UCL002
  • 2020-01-17


12inch ---- JPY


カリビアンぽいエレクトロファンク、Lionel Richieがあんまり聞いたことにような謎語のコーラスになってるA1からすでに謎で、B2のDONNA SUMMERによるヴァンゲリスのカバーで有名な「State of Independence」も元々宇宙語みたいな曲ですがさらに謎な一曲です。GRAND MASTER FLADSH、KRAFTWERKのTHE MODELらしき、チーチャみたいなへなちょこモンド・エクトロまで。 (サイトウ)

EP number 2 from the wizards of re-editing - Psychemagik.
A selection of far-flung and undiscovered lysergic renderings of some 'well-known' pop & dance classics.
These aren't your common dime a dozen covers either, these are straight killer, bizarro rearrangements that will have you scratching your head in wonder, and hitting the discotheque dance-floor in equal measure. As always, the Psychemagik boys strive to bring you that heat, reworking from only the prime source material sourced from their regular global jaunts and epic record trades in far-flung places. Welcome to the soundtrack to a funky alternative dimension where things seem somewhat familiar, but perhaps a little off.... in the best way! Pure sonic trips all over this one. Dig it! Answers on a postcard please!

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