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Signals Ep (feat. Harry Wolfman + Jad & The Remix)

  • Cat No: APLTD012
  • Release: 2020-01-06
  • 2020-01-29


Digital 900 JPY

〈CHURCH〉や〈OUTPLAY〉、〈QUINTESSENTIALS〉等々からリリースするマンチェスターのLOZ GODDARDが〈APPAREL MUSIC〉からリリース。DIRTCREWから共作をリリースしている Harry Wolfmanそして、Lo-FIハウス以降の世代で頭角を現してきたJad & Theのミックスが間違い無いです。

上昇シンセのアナログにきらめくシンセサイザー&リズムマシーンのGoddard & Harry Wolfman「Fourth Dimension」、ゆったりめのグルーヴのエレピのビートダウン「Signals」、B1「Goddard - It’s Not Cold In Tromso」。B2のJAD THEのリミックス(sample3)もいいテンション。ニュースクール・エレクトロ。ディープめの感じからアシッド・ブレイクビートに展開する。オリジナル、リミックスともにナイスです。 (サイトウ)

Apparel Music is delighted to welcome aboard one of the most talented house music producers in the scene, Goddard, who’s the protagonist of APLTD012. The twelfth release of the Apparel’s limited catalogue is a brand new 4 tracks EP called “Signals” by the Mancunian featuring a 4-hands collaboration with Harry Wolfman and a remix by Jad & The. Every single track has been chosen carefully since the beginning of the project to make this record a representative work of the artist who perfectly blends his musical knowledge with the label’s imprint. The opening track “Fourth Dimension” is a teamwork between Goddard and the above mentioned Wolfman and is the ideal start with its crunchy, slightly distorted beat, bold bassline and spacey chords and arpeggios, surely a track for the DJ’s out there to play out to a busy dancefloor. A2 is the title track “Signals” and it lowers the heartbeat, displaying all Goddard’s talent on the keys and creating an impeccable fluctuating soundscape of his musical characteristics: the beat is an oscillating, yet solid structure while the different timbres of his synths evaporate and reappear conceiving a dreamy, spacey track. Side B begins with the whimsical chords of “It’s Not So Cold In Tromso” where the artist takes the listener to a brief and intense trip to see the Norwegian northern lights; the track is made by a strong rhythm section and flighty, far-out, harmonies which really evoke Scandinavian landscapes. B2 is a free interpretation of the previous track by the Australian Jad & The who amalgamates a jungle-ish beat to Goddard’s introspective harmonic section telling his opinion on the trip to “Tromso”. Signals EP will be released the 2nd of December on 12” vinyl and we’re more than happy to welcome Goddard to Apparel Music’s family.

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