• 12inch


  • Cat No: PVS011VL
  • 2022-05-09


12inch 1790 JPY

アフロカリビアン×フレンチディスコ、余裕綽々な歌い口も不思議感覚。PATCHWORKSことBRUNO HOVARTがプロデュース、カメルーン・ルーツの仏人SSWPAT KALLAのEPをストック!中南米、アフロ・サウンドを送り出す〈HEAVENLY SWEETNESS〉とDJ GUTSがタッグを組んだ”PURA VIDA SOUNDS”シリーズ!

ドラミングとギターカッティング、チープクラシカルなアナログシンセのユニークな音色、何と言ってもPAT KALLAのくすぐるようなヴォーカル、あらゆる要素が絶妙に合致したアフロカリビアンディスコチューン「Canette」(sample1)。無秩序ポリリズミカルなアフロファンクグルーヴをうねらせたAメロから、4/4ディスコなサビへ移行する「Requiem」(sample2)。絶妙! (Akie)

Tucked away in their cover, but never for long, Guts' musical eyebrow wands have once again panicked, this time aggressively marking Africa.

Letting his instrument guide him towards the one he felt was the next signature of his label Pura Vida Sounds, the beatmaker-producer found himself face to face with an old acquaintance: Pat Kalla aka the voice of the Voilaaa Sound System, aka the one with which he crossed the funk on his album Philantropiques and the title "Daddy Sweet".

Convinced to follow him in studio, Pat, accompanied by his Super Mojo celebrates this collaboration by decapsulating La "Canette". Long groove in the mouth, acidic notes of synths and attacks of precise guitars, despite the bitterness of his words, a drink that suits every hour of the day and that strengthens the legs most numb. Heckled by her journey to the bottom of Pat’s musical bag, shaken by the syncopes of the beat, she spreads her funk foam from the very beginning into the A-side furrow.

Bartering the beige trench coat of Commissioner Joss against a colorful toghu, Kalla and his Mojo revisit on the B side the "Requiem Pour Un Con" de Gainsbourg. The martial groove, dark and hypnotic leaves its place to a polyrhythmic afrodisco production, surrounded by a low velocity.
More than a recovery, they are making a real diversion.
A hijacking driven by Pat Kalla and his Super Mojo, with Serge Gainsbourg and Jean Gabin sitting in the back seat like two "Pachas".

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