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The difference

  • Cat No: Quintessentials74
  • Release: 2020-12-04


Digital 690 JPY

推薦盤!ディープ・ハウスの成熟、ネクストスクールな良いリリースが続くUSアトランタ・シーンからSTEFAN RINGERの新作が素晴らしいです。

アフリカンや、THEO PARRISHなどの影響がみれるグルーヴの実験と成熟。しなやかで、フロアにディープさ、濃密さをもたらすダンサーチューン。超かっこいいです。 (サイトウ) (12inchのコメントから参照)

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Atlanta's hot shot Stefan Ringer is the man for the last Quintessentials release in 2020. He has been building up his reputation with eclectic music on NDATL Muzik, People of Earth or his own FWM Entertainment label and he now makes "The difference" for Quintessentials. Stefan Ringer offers up a loose and soulful take on MPC-made house full of deep tips and sci-fi tricks. "Otw" and "Shakyabody" are a well balanced mixture of smooth and raw with catchy rhythms, subtle vocals, warped synths and dirty claps. "Evolution" is an 11 minutes long monster of a ambientish track - deep, dreamy and the perfect sound to reflect on a turbulant year. This is the difference! By Stefan Ringer!

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