• LP

El Espacio

  • Cat No: EARTHLY006
  • 2022-02-07


イースト・ロンドンのアーチスト・コミュニティー、パーティー「Earthly Measures Local Global」のレーベルから、コロンビア共和国ボコダのプロデューサー、マルチ・インストゥルメンタリストのMente Organicaを中心にしたバンドのデビューアルバム!アナログリリースです。南米のサイケデリックロックやルーツミュージック、シャーマニズム、神秘世界の影響も感じさせる、エレクトロニカ、トリップホップを通過したスローハウス、フォークトロニカ注目の一枚。 (サイトウ)

After the first two Earthly Tapes & a handful of EPs, Earthly Measures drops its first full-length album with Mente Organica’s El Espacio - a beautifully crafted album with glorious textures, steady grooves, calming vibes & a dancefloor filler or two.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia – producer & multi-instrumentalist Mente Organica has slowly been making a name for himself within the folktronica/Latin scene. Following multiple album and EP releases over the past few years, El Espacio marks his first release on wax and the music stands out from anything he has done before. These 8 tracks surprise & reward the listener as individual harmonies at first, and finally, as a whole and immersive symphony.

From 'Pablo Bebe’, a track he wrote which is inspired & dedicated to his best friend – to ‘Close the Door’, written in the depths of quarantine, reflecting isolation, loneliness & introspection, & ‘Yoga’ - a song written with his father that can be easily heard filling the dancefloor as well as easy bedroom sessions, this album truly does feel like his most personal work yet.

Eagle’- an utterly unique track born in Pucon, Chile, after meeting opera singer Katy Prado - blends sensibilities of 60s psychedelic rock vocals with Mente’s signature electronica. ‘Dame Un Segundo’ is the lobby track of the album, with Balearic vibes: chilled, jazzy & floaty. Title track ‘El Espacio’ pays homage to Mente’s influences growing up - think Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation & Air - giving us that Trip Hop vibe. ‘Huanini’ is a real groover - a low-key dance track that evokes that ‘start of the night’ feeling of excitement, with heavy experimentation of granular synths.

Finally, rounding the album off with melodies of hope, delight and positivity, ‘Partida’ reminds us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

DJ Feedback:

DJ Harvey - Such a beautiful album

Harri & Domenic - liking these

Carlos Sanchez - Such a great great album! I couldn't choose a fav here to be honest. Simply amazing!

Allies For Everyone – very nice LP

Speaking Minds - very cool

Moskalus - Top notch sounds!!!

Craig Sheriden - Beautiful, wonderful pieces of work!

Elif - this is a seriously good artwork . i will accompany a yoga session with a set and might play these

Silence Path - Very good LP!

Mira - great album!

Loz Goddard - This is 100% going to get spins on my radio show!

Luke Garcia - Nice music

Auntie Flo - Nice one.

Cesar Merveille - nice music

Alfon Biuss - muchos muy buenos, gracias!

Mirco Violi – Nice tracks

Hector Romero - I really enjoyed listening to this album. Best

Horse Meat Disco (Severino) - pretty cool

Chris Fortier - sounds good

Alejandro Mosso - Nice album!

Nick Fiorucci - Great EP

Silicone Soul - Lovely deep chill vibes!

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