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  • Cat No: BEWITH096LP
  • 2021-08-01

2017年の自主リリースが中古市場でも高値をつけ人気を呼び、BE WITHから改めてリリースされたMASTON。彼らのデータオンリーだった2014-2016年製作の音源もアナログリリースされました。BROADCASTやHIGH LLAMASにもおつうじるSPACE-AGE、エキゾチカ、イージーリスニング。

ヴァン・ダイク・パークスや、ブライアン・ウィルソン、ニルソンやフィル・スペクター等のに影響を受けたというカリフォルニアの才人、マルチ・ミューシャンFRANK MASTON。BE WITHが惚れ込んだ「Tulips」のためのセッションとして録り溜めたながらもアルバムに収録しなかった音源から自らセレクトしてデジタルリリースしたコレクションをBE WITHがアナログリリース。 (サイトウ)

Maston’s Darkland is a breezy collection of the material from the Tulips sessions that didn’t make it on to the original LP. Originally a digital-only release for those in the know in the autumn of 2018, after re-issuing Tulips in 2020 it made too much sense for Be With to give Darkland a vinyl release. Like Tulips, Darkland was recorded mostly in Hoorn, in the Netherlands, between 2015-2017 during downtime from Frank’s touring duties with Jacco Gardner’s band. Bits were also done in Los Angeles on some extended trips back home. The collection plays like an alternate view of Maston’s instant modern classic Tulips; a companion piece to the LP proper with similar mixture of shorter themes and more full length tracks. As Frank Maston explains: “I think Darkland is the shadow of Tulips in a way… what it might’ve been in a different universe. But the heart of Tulips beats in these songs as well and they evoke the same memories and feelings for me. I see my process playing out across these songs - lots of experimentation and trying out new techniques and sounds and just sort of going for it.” Frank goes on: “It was all from the same pool of material, like 30+ ideas. I was making a lot of little demos… some would be more fleshed out and become songs and others would just be a cool riff and not go anywhere. When I started trying to form it all into an LP I went through all the sessions and ideas and collected the ones I

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