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  • Cat No: ACOLOUR035
  • Release: 2021-07-16


Digital 1000 JPY

A COLOURFUL STORMから、ニュージーランドのシンガーソング・ライター。繊細で奇跡のように美しいサイケデリック・フォーク。

芳醇なサイケデリックの礫を持つニュージーランドのインディーズシーン出身のシンガーMAXINE FUNKE。A COLOURFUL STORMのアルバム「Seance 」。アナログストックしました。Alastair GalbraithやTall Dwarfs人脈、Richard Youngsあたりとも繋がる人でFEEDING TUBEからもアルバムをリリースしている。このあたりに明るい人には知られている存在なのでしょう。奏でられる音、垣間見れるパーソナリティー。とても魅力に思いました。 (サイトウ) (LPのコメントから参照)

A Colourful Storm presents Seance, a new set of songs by Maxine Funke. Following a productive recording period beginning with Silk (2018) and ending with Forest Photographer (2020), Seance marks a remarkable levitation of Funke's tender, softly spoken songcraft first documented on Lace (2008) and Felt (2012) into new creative heights. Folksong confessionals with the burden of memory. Ghostly confines, murmurs from the cracks. Soil, blood and skin. The beauty and mundanity of the everyday. The voice of Funke is a distinctive instrument, one which perfectly elucidates her sometimes confessional, at other times deeply inward allusions to love, loss, joy and disquiet. Lyrics grounded in observation and adventure (Eyeballs, asphalt, grass clippings, peppercorns) unravel into uneasy truths daubed in self-consciousness and forbidden desire (I'm not shy / There's just a sparkle in your eye and I don't feel right). The simplest things can be the most difficult to express. Opener 'Fairy Baby' and 'Homage' are sensuous and probing, celebrating new beginnings while cautiously closing old chapters. 'Quiet Shore', a seven-minute reverie of guitar strum and poetry, conjures spirits long forgotten and shines as Funke's first solo foray into longform songwriting. A perfect accompaniment to the album's centrepiece, 'Lucky Penny', a euphoric, entrancing rush foreshadowing the delicate dreamspeak still to come. An assertive, visionary recording by one of New Zealand's most extraordinary voices, Seance is a lover's lament, a revealing of self and a secluded wander through fields of enchantment.

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