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Modern Romance Remixes

  • Cat No: MFM08RMX2D
  • Release: 2021-07-23


Digital 1200 JPY

Running BackのオフシュートレーベルMISFIT MELODIESからCATZ'N'DOGZとGERD JANSONによるパワフル、クラシカルな「Modern Romance 」。Dusky、Bella Boo、Ryan Elliotによるリミックス。

フランクフルトシーンらしいパワフルな「Modern Romance 」を、多彩な才人3者がリミックス。2019年からRUNNING BACKにも合流しているBASS/ELECTRO以降のUK テクノ、ハウスの先鋭DUSKYが2 VERSION、ストックホルムのBella Boo、OSTGUT TON、SPECTRAL SOUNDなどでレジデントを務めるRyan Elliotも2 VERISION。 (サイトウ) (12inchのコメントから参照)

No business, like show business; The happy pill that was the Catz 'N Dogz liaison with Gerd Janson gets a remix treatment. Dusky, Bella Boo and Ryan Elliott put their respective and requested stamps on Modern Romance. Ladies first: Bella Boo takes the upbeat piano house of the original into a deeper sphere. A square bass, a catchy marimba hook and some vocal sprinkles make for the aural equivalent of salted caramel. Next up are everyone's favourite peak time sweepers Dusky who open the gates to the rave. Heavily influenced by the ingredients of the proto UK bass scenery (breakbeats, ragga bass sounds, life-affirming vocals) they place Modern Romance somewhere between N-Joi and Shut Up and Dance. If that is too much for you to swallow, Ryan Elliott might have the remedy. Ostgut Ton's "best dressed chicken in town"delivers a sleek translation that is neat as a pin and wears the influence of his hometown Detroit proudly on the sleeve. "Help me find out, what I like..."

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