• Cat No: C.032
  • 2022-01-11




A double-CD set compiling all of DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell's collaborative 12-inches on
the first disc, combined with a second disc filled with ten previously unreleased outtakes from the "Complete Spiral EP" sessions. As the album title suggests, listeners get an "incomplete insight" into the mixing and editing methods of these two very different electronic audio producers united by their histories with, and love of, classic deep house (Track tip: out of this entire set, DJ Sprinkles' personal favorite for mixing on the dancefloor is "Incomplete Spiral 4.") Self-released on Comatonse Recordings with custom packaging hand assembled by Terre herself, the package includes two CDs in an archival vinyl pouch with two double-sided insert cards (100mm x 100mm), phonograph style anti-static inner sleeve, and 4x4 panel poster insert printed on newsprint (472mm x 472mm).

DISC 1: incomplete

1-3 from dj sprinkles & mark fell, "complete spiral ep" (comatonse recordings, 2012, c.021); 4-5 from dj sprinkles
& mark fell, "fresh insights ep" (comatonse recordings, 2015, c.023); 6-7 from dj sprinkles & mark fell, "fresh
insights ep (sprinkles alt. mixes)" (comatonse recordings, 2015, c.024);

DISC 2: insight

1-10 previously unreleased outtakes from the "complete spiral ep" sessions

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