• 7inch


  • Cat No: ZEN02
  • 2022-08-11


7inch2190 JPY

Promise (feat. Sapphire Slows and Sam Eaton)。ユニーク、ドラマティックなストーリー。レトロサイファイの系譜、メロドラマティック、新たな領域を切り開いています。絶妙。SAMO DJも、レゲエ。リズミック、ダブ。もちろんいいに決まってる。推薦盤です。

Mr. Hoの7インチで幕開けたZEN 2000第2弾!Mi Amiの一員100% SILK等でお馴染みMagic Touch名義でのリリースで知られるDAMON ELIZA PALERMO。Sapphire Slowsのヴォーカル、Sam Eatonのギターをフィーチャリングしたエレクトロファンク、ドリーム・ポップ。SAMO DJのリミックスも是非。 (サイトウ)

For the second release from Zen 2000, a new imprint out of L.A. focused on supporting and cultivating sounds made by friends wherever they may reside, we present you with another 7-inch of slow-motion burners that crackle like a sparkler weaving through the brisk night air. Two tracks appear on the the record—classic A-side and B-side on a 45. The lead, “Promise,” is a psychedelic yet spare star-gaze accompanied by airy vocals and a wiggly 303 that's on downers. The Samo DJ remix takes it to a dubby place, some elements submerged in a deep pool, all torqued and twisted, others placed in an enormous cavern, all echoes and clean-lined drums that ricochet off the walls. For the digital edition, there are two extras: an extended dub from Samo as well as another cut from Damon, this one a piano-accompanied glide through sun rays high above the fluffy clouds.

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