• LP

Selected Works (Blue transparent LP)

  • Cat No: HK027LP-C1
  • 2022-06-28

〈NYEGE NYEGE TAPES〉のサブライン〈HAKUNA KULALA〉から、中南米異端のサウンド。エレクトロ・クンビアやバイレファンキなんかの南米ダンスと、シューゲイズ、レイヴ、エレクトロ、ごった煮に出会ったようなメキシコの謎のポップ・アウトサイダーTONY GALLARDO。

L.A. noise とバイレファンキやクンビアの南米ビートの融合、ジャンクでパンクなエレクトロ、レイヴ・ダンスホールを産み出しているCOCOBASSというレーベルを仲間と共同運営しているというTONY GALLARDO。〈NYEGE NYEGE TAPES〉のサブライン〈HAKUNA KULALA〉が彼の2008 年から2013年にかけてリリースした音源からコンパイル。 (サイトウ)

Enigmatic pop outsider Tony Gallardo makes music that's perpetually perched on the outskirts of Mexico's fertile electronic underground. Since 2008, he has been releasing music that inhabits its own artistic universe, a cross between Frank Zappa, Daniel Johnston, The Knife, OutKast and Rosa Pistola. He co-founded the Cocobass label, pioneered the fusion of L.A. noise and cumbia known as ruidosón and has released music under a plethora of monikers: dark techno as Boi Patrol, ramshackle electronic pop as María y José, experimental surf rock as El Capricho and experimental dembow as La Fiebre X.

"Selected Works" assembles some of Gallardo's most crucial material from a run of EPs released between 2008 and 2013. These tracks show the breadth of his output, running through sleazy, neon electro ('Bruja', 'Mi Presa'), neck-snapping tropical dance music ('Kibosé', 'La Conquista'), and eerie Mexican trap ('Plata O Plomo', 'Ultra'). It's introspective, haunted music from one of Mexico's most original and most under-appreciated artists that paints a picture of a psychedelic musical landscape that's hard to resist.

One listen to the album's closer 'Club Negro', originally released in 2013, should tell you all you need to know. This track is the perfect introduction to the world of Tony Gallardo, with screwed 'n chopped Spanish vocals, doomy syncopated beatbox rhythms and wobbly houseparty electronics.

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