• 3x12inch


  • Cat No: PERLON130
  • 2022-03-03


3x12inch4990 JPY

THOMAS MELCHIORのニューアルバム「Vulnerabilities」。PERLONから到着しております。

PERLONからアナログリリースのみの3LP。ドリーミーなエレクトニック・ディープハウス、マイクロファンク、ディテールまで配慮された熟練のプロダクション、理想的、素晴らしいサウンド。 (サイトウ)

Soul departure time. Drowning in a dreamlike state where drifting with the current is free movement. Driven by echoes of serious intentions and playfulness. The order of music takes you further. In time, on the floor, under the skin, melting measures and dimensions. On a way back to where the future of your comfort has dawned. Through zones of whispers and expanding beauty. On a memory lane while passing all your favourite things and sentiments. On a straight, gently quantized line through tunnels of love and liberation. To a vanishing point where the soul is exposed to a scattered radiation of joy, content, revival, liveliness, melancholia. Feels like an arrival, no detour or deviation. Soul: its vulnerability becomes a superpower.

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