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Del Mar

  • Cat No: MMD021
  • Release: 2022-05-02


Digital 1200 JPY

遅れましたが、MOGWAAのMM DISCOSからのアルバム「Del Mar」届いております。

韓国ソウルのClique Recordsを拠点にStar Creature等からワールドワイドに活躍してるMOGWAAの6曲入りのアルバム。イビザ、チルアウトミュージックの聖地Cafe Del Marを意識してると思いますが、ハウス、哀愁のメロディー、ダブ、ダウンテンポ、エレクトロニック、トリッピィーなカクテル・ミュージック。絶妙にいい感じに仕上がってます。 (サイトウ) (LPのコメントから参照)

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

The underground music scene in Asia has experimented a notorious rise in the last years, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand or South Korea are more inside the radar than ever, contributing actively with amazing djs and super talented producers; creating an effervescence subculture where to keep an eye on.
Multifaceted producer Mogwaa is not an stranger anymore, awarded in 2021 with best electronic album of the year in South Korea, his versatility and skills have found a place in labels as "Klasse Records", "Spring Theory" or Sound Metaphors' "Bless You" among others.
We are glad to present one of the most awaited records on MM Discos; “Del Mar” is a bliss of fresh air, a story about all this little things that make us dream everyday. “The Sea” as the main actor of the movie orchested by Mogwaa and supported by crackles, waves and little islands where to get lost in.

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