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Positive People

  • Cat No: IFEEL080D
  • Release: 2022-11-25


Digital 900 JPY

〈INTERNATIONAL MAJOR LABEL〉首謀・DANIEL MEUZARDのメインプロジェクト”FEATER”新作シングルストックしております!拠点としていた〈RUNNING BACK〉での作品から少しアプローチを変更。キューバンドラム、パーカッションをメインに据えたインストゥルメンタルファンク。

STILETTI-ANAことILARI LARJOSTO、SAM IRLと共に”SKYMAX”や”YOGTZE”などの別プロジェクトでも活動する鬼才DANIEL MEUZARDの”FEATER”新作を遅ればせながらストック!アフロキューバンなパーカッションワークアウトに303を追加したタイトル曲「Positive People」(sample1)、ニューエイジ・チルなシンセポップとガラージを融合した「Expensive Zeit」(sample2)など、これまでにも開拓してきたシンセサイザーサウンドを拡張。 (Akie) (12inchのコメントから参照)

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Running Back regular Feater aka Daniel Meuzard puts his newly-transplanted studio through its paces for the first time since relocating from Vienna, swapping out the bustle of the city for the fresh mountain breeze of the West Alps. The Positive People EP proves that a change is as good as a rest, as the wide open nature not only had some rejuvenating effects on the creative process - it also gave Feater some room in his head to ponder questions about nature, nurture, and whether our inner morality is externally programmed.
The taut jazz funk of opening track Coding springs into action like the montage music of a lost '70s TV show, while the title track Positive People plays on the ambiguity of its title, with cascading synth notes, tastefully dubby 303 stabs, and an afro-cuban drum figure that forms the foundation for a spaced-out dancefloor workout. It's a combo of tracks that should appeal to chat room moderators and serotonin programmers alike.
Expensive Zeit kicks off sounding like grime maverick XTC had been brought up on Murder Capital electro rather than East London garage - before it morphs into a bumpin electrofunk and percussion session, with its sights set firmly on an aquatic worm hole. The EP rounds out with Decline All Cookies, which breaks out of a flanged-out half-time drum 'n' effects intro to reveal a lush chord progression, flipping a soul jazz piano mood into a trippy slice of modern instrumental funk.
Can man be the master of his own destiny? It seems with this change of location and musical direction, Feater might just have figured out the answer.

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