• 12inch

Impala 283 EP

  • Cat No: LO12 - 010
  • 2023-06-08


12inch ---- JPY

1996年のオブスキュアなオーストリア産のテクノ。ほんんど出回ることのなかったDJ Boneriderのマニアックな一枚のデッドストックが発見され、スタンプラベル、ステッカースリーヴのナンバリング限定で少量流通します。確保しています。

Unbelievable! The lost LORIZ SOUNDS number 10 from 1996, with a stamped edition limited to 150 copies!
Loriz Sounds was the first label of Chris Wallner aka Chris Rhythm and at the same time the first electronic house and techno label of the 90s from Vienna. At that time Loriz Sounds had taken the Detroit house and techno sound as a template and had some great releases like "the Journey ep" by Chris Rhythm & POT, the "summerbreeze" by SLUT'S N STRINGS & 909, or the "acid nation ep" by K Hand.
DJ Bonerider aka Jochen Reiter aka Johnny Armando Rider was a musician from Austria with closer New York contacts. (Hollis Haus Records and Tension Records) Early trips from Vienna to Rimini in the Italian clubs of the Riviera resulted in the photo (Cocorico) of Chris, who brought Jochen together with the Italian producer Gemoloto and other Italian labels at the time, resulting in several releases. (Models Inc, DBX records) For the release on LORIZ SOUNDS, Chris planned to have an edible record version made out of wafer or something similar. With the demise of the then distributor of the Neuton label, this penultimate last release unfortunately came to nothing. However, there was a limited vinyl version that was never offered. After more than 25 years this version is now exclusively available at Word And Sound and 3345 Distribution. The great deep, groovy sound of DJ Bonerider was ahead of its time and is still club-ready today. We wish you a lot of fun!

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