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Poem For The Lost Souls (Kuniyuki & Session Victim Versions) (GF cover)

  • Cat No: smallville63
  • 2024-07-09


2x12inch 4690 JPY

ハンブルグの〈Smallville Records〉から、DJとしても定評のある、スイス人のプロデューサーLea Lisaの12インチ・ダブルパック。「Poem For The Lost Souls。」Kuniyuki & Session Victimによるリミックスを収録です。Kuniyuki氏のリミックスじっくり素晴らしいので是非チェックしてみてください。

〈Wolf Music Recordings〉や〈Inner Balance〉、〈Phonica〉などのレーベルからのリリース、〈Favorite recordings〉 から彼女の監修でコンピレーション「Many Shade Of House」もリリースしたリー・リサの新作が〈Smallville Records〉からリリースされました。ピアノと、フルート奏者をフィーチャリングした「Poem For The Lost Souls」と題されたオリジナルの2バージョン。オーセンティック、時代を経ても古びることのないようなディープハウス素晴らしいオリジナルと、バイタリティーあふれるブロークンミックス。KUNIYUKI氏によるアフリカンや幻想的でスピリチュアルなこちらも素晴らしいリミックス。Session Victimによるリミックスも素晴らしく、4つのバージョンそれぞれ魅力あるサウンド。アートワークは天才Stefan Marx。代々木公園の桜だそうで、どんどん幼児化しているが独特の構図、熱量のながれを感じる気もします。見開きのピクチャースリーヴ、レーベルも力入ってます。 (サイトウ)

Following well-regarded outings on Phonica Records and Wolf Music, and a superb "Many Shades Of House" compilation released this year, Lausanne-based Lea Lisa joins Smallville Records this June with ‘Poem For The Lost Souls’, accompanied by remixes from Kuniyuki and Session Victim as a special Double-12“ package with Gatefold Cover.

For these tracks, Lea Lisa has worked with several musicians in the studio to transform the warmth and organic feel of real instruments into her musical universe. The original mix of ‘Poem For The Lost Souls’ leads, a jazzy house journey that ebbs and flows through fluttering flute melodies, ethereal chords, wandering piano and funk-infused bass grooves running atop organic percussion and disco tinged drums. On the B Side, the ‘Broken Mix’ follows, as the name would suggest, rhythmically shifting focus towards off-kilter drum breaks alongside the other melodies and again - all the ingredients that make a classic house track.

Opening the C-side on record 2, acclaimed Japanese artist and Mule Musiq regular Kuniyuki steps up to rework ‘Poem For The Lost Souls’, in typical fashion the Sapporo born producer extracts the core grooves from the original and shapes it into something uniquely his own, laden with warmth, soul and dynamics. The duo Session Victim then round out the release on Side D with their interpretation, fusing together the original synth melodies with their own amalgamation of intricately intertwined keys and atmospherics, underpinned by a shuffled rhythm section and bouncy low-end drive.

It’s coming with a gatefold cover-artwork by Stefan Marx for a cherry-blossom glimpse of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

Tracks written & produced by Lea Lisa
Flute by Thibaut Martinez - recorded at Magneto Studio / Lausanne, Additional Synth By Bayron, Piano by Joseph Miller
Additional production and remix on Side C by Kuniyuki Takahashi
Additional production and remix on Side D by Hauke Freer & Matthias Reiling

Mastering by Kuniyuki Takahashi, side A Mixed & mastered by Benoit @ Perception Mastering
Vinyl cut by Helmut Erler @ Lathesville
Cover Artwork by Stefan Marx
Distributed by Wordandsound

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