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I am Ecstasy

  • Cat No: FR034
  • Release: 2022-06-01


digital1800 JPY

"I am ecstasy" encourage emerging artists to connect with "written" music. FormResonance announces a modern classical approach with "I am ecstasy" to embody equivalent modes of realities. Restating evocative piano works by Alexander Scrjabin through Florian Haik Schirmacher reveals our ability of sharing happiness as inspiring source of ecstasy. Aligning electro- acoustic harmonics to individual and cosmic realities, have been progressed on compositions according to the Fibonacci Sequence (FR029). With this release, the tonality expands to gain more confidence with the inner voice. Developed by Berten de Beukelaer and Florian Haik himself the analogue set up interacts with the piano sound and the mastery vision of the composer. Encouraging the pinnacle of recording technique theese recordings define individual frequencies to resonate with. Haik and Berten have broadened the initial piece by focussing on the overtone- scale of each composition. Expanding in this way connects instantly to a source, which lets a youthful forgiving and thankful shout to the universe free. Scriabin's "grain of happiness" interacts with color and sound. FormResonance develops therefore its own processing tools for live concerts. The project comes on stage for a three day peace concert at Montreux Jazz Festival. For further info, booking and management requests, feel free to contact: The project "I am ecstasy" is co-curated by Daffy.

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