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Obi Thine Xi: The Remixes

  • Cat No: XBITX2
  • Release: 2022-07-29


digital1100 JPY

Following his late 2021 LP "Obi Thine Xi", this extensive remix EP leads the last Rico Puestel album into its final conclusion, serving up substantial interpretations by Tom Wax, BOWMN and two further monikers from Rico Puestel himself! As if this wasn't enough, the highly anticipated, formerly unnamed and allegedly lost track "OTX" is in on it too. On the A-side, Tom Wax delivers his stronghold and contemporary Techno design of "ID" while Rico Puestel hauls out the big analogue guns and "classical" approach as "Modern Minimals Sound Research" on the remix of "Voluptuous Antics Enter The Hemisphere", reinterpreting his own work from another perspective. Side AA brings you BOWMN with his forceful and psychedelic interpreation of "Modest" before Rico Puestel comes in another time as "Tetzlaff" and turns in the 80s-inspired earworm remix of "Thine". Last but not least, "OTX" happens to be the concluding track of this record that people have been waiting and asking for since 2020 finally delivered!

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