• Digital


  • Cat No: MP47
  • Release: 2022-09-30


digital 1950 JPY

This is the most experimental album of Ibrahim Alfa Jnr. Its about Waveform transitions programmed in sonicLab - Starwaves by @pr0mpt 2022. The album is not only a perfect example for Ultrablack-Music, but also for a kind of quantum electronics. It proceeds through superposition. Two waves can immanently superpose or overlap each other, and their identity is still maintained even if they generate a third wave, which is thus neither to be understood as a synthesis of the first and second wave nor as the destruction of both waves, but just as a new wave of the same type. In the state of superposition, waves overlap and virtualize themselves in each other, thus avoiding precisely their principled distinction. The notion of superposition here assumes the role of immanentality that constantly absorbs its own transcendence and transfers it into a new stage of immanence.

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