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Koma Tema

  • Cat No: WJDL18
  • Release: 2019-08-23


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Koma Saxo is a highly potent new five-piece produced by the visionary Berlin-based Swedish bassist-producer Petter Eldh. The lineup brings together five heavy jazz names on the Berlin–Nordics axis, including Eldh on bass, Christian Lillinger on drums and the frontline of three saxes: Otis Sandsjö, Jonas Kullhammar and Mikko Innanen. Despite the top-billing names, make no mistake: this is not just another "supergroup", but a real working band with their own sound and musical trajectory. Eldh's vision for the Koma Saxo sound is one step ahead of what groovy avantgarde jazz could sound like in 2019, involving postproduction work with the raw material recorded in Helsinki in connection to Koma Saxo's successful debut at the We Jazz Festival. Both studio and live tapes exist side by side, and Eldh goes deep in molding the final music to be heard on the upcoming Koma Saxo releases. First taste of the upcoming "Koma Saxo" album to be released on We Jazz Records is "Koma Tema", released on 23 August in time for the group's appearance at the highly-regarded Saalfelden International Jazz Festival. "Koma Tema" is a triumphant anthem for introducing the band. Penned by Eldh, the track boasts a bass hook which could land a whale, and the band is on full fire throughout the bouncy track. The full-length album "Koma Saxo" will be released on October 4.

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