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  • Cat No: MP53
  • Release: 2023-01-27


digital 1820 JPY

At first listen "Compartments" by Neuro... No Neuro, might remind you of old video games and anime soundtracks and each single track continues to tell minor stories of everyday life. When listening more closely you realize that every single sound is, like a small composition in itself, produced in high resolution details. And so the very artificial glitch aesthetics are not, as usually, depicted by a cold and sterile feeling, but quite contrary have the qualities of an artificial sweetener be aware of rotting teeth:
"Compartments" in this sense is Kawaii-Glitch music.
Yet be careful when associating kawaii just with sweet, innocent or cute just as Anime often mask grown-up topics with "childish" surface structures, the album underlies a soft darkness & melancholy. Sometimes the unspeakable comes in disguise. Like the fashion style Yami-Kawaii, a bizarre mixture of kawaii-aesthetics with questions of depression and suicide, this album offers a mixillogical splice of life in which every second might take a turn into the irreal and eerie. To make distinctions between what is real and what are delusions, dreams or nightmares, emotional highs and lows, becomes impossible. In some sense it is "too much" while still minimalistic in style. Don't forget to take your meds.

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