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Sirius A

  • Cat No: MP55
  • Release: 2023-03-10


digital 1400 JPY

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Science-fiction was never really about the future in the first place. The second album of Ibrahim Alfa Jnr. on Mille Plateaux is coming after the future. As Mark Fisher said. The album makes audible a science of the catastrophe as an act that dissects the formal structures of space and time. Alien music brings the one a-human or inhuman music that processes with a contact high from cruelty.
It's an album full of micro-innovations. Alfas jazzy Hypercussions for example imply a rhythmic A-logic when Beats split or shoot each other off, or when they overlap and mutate into steam shoot needles of hissing air. The effect of the music is a kind of liberating body-spasm and a head-shattering twisting of the synapses.Alfas apocalyptic moment is the fractured and dissolved "I", respectively, in the static ordinance of Time. Alfas Ultrablack Afropessimism illustrates how blackness is necessary for the material and psychic life of the world.
A high-wire Music circulation - between rage and paranoia and sometimes a breath of sanity.

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