• Digital


  • Cat No: 47037
  • Release: 2023-08-25


digital 900 JPY

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

London-based DJ and producer Rommek releases on 47, showcasing his signature brand of seething, fragmented techno in this formidable label debut. "Arkho" opens the EP with rolling drums before a heavily distorted synth line pierces the atmosphere, evoking tension and unease before launching into a furious lead. On "Silverlock," broken drums skitter across a droning soundscape, while a glitched-out melody adds a dark tint. "Decipher" squirms with a similarly syncopated rhythm and ice cold textures, topped with crisp hi-hats. Closing track "Synthetic Dream" is threatening but never overly dark, stitching weighty drums between tactile, warped-out synth notes. A chilling cut that conveys Rommek's shadowy aesthetic all the way through.

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