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Silent Messages

  • Cat No: BE012
  • Release: 2023-10-06


digital 900 JPY

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

"George Koutalieris is an Athens-based producer and guitarist with a passion for exploring new realms of sound.
He embarked on his musical journey at an early age, playing guitar and crafting tracks for indie and acid jazz bands. His talent caught the attention of Rififi, an established Greek band, leading him to join their ranks and experience massive airplay, perform in large concert venues, and make numerous appearances in press, radio, and TV by the 2000s.

Driven by a desire to continuously evolve as an artist, George honed his guitar skills while delving into modern sound synthesis and music production techniques. In 2011, he unveiled his first solo EP under the moniker Contralux, subsequently transitioning to produce under his own name. In August 2020, George released his album "Stop, Look, Listen", featuring the captivating single "Early Morning Ferry " .

George Koutalieris is an artist who fearlessly ventures into unexplored sonic landscapes, fusing artistry with accessibility. His compositions are a tapestry of diverse influences, seamlessly blending pen harmonic spaces, soulful melodies, and rhythmic intricacies. His musical style embraces the eclectic sound showcasing the seamless fusion of acoustic and electric guitar tones with synthesized elements and warm synths. Blending vintage analog equipment with modern synthesis techniques, George seeks to intertwine synthetic and acoustic sounds, field recordings, delicate melodies, immersive soundscapes, and ethereal vocals to evoke a luminous and tranquil ambiance. With plans to establish a stage band, further develop his solo endeavors, and embark on new projects, George's musical journey continues to unfold."

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