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  • Cat No: NHD010
  • Release: 2023-10-27


digital 900 JPY

Track List

24bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Nervous Horizon is delighted to welcome New York-based producer and DJ Ma Sha to the roster with a high-voltage three-track EP titled "Elastik".

For her Nervous Horizon debut, the Kindergarten’ honcho immerses herself in a solitary sonic journey drawing inspiration from the concept of self-isolation-induced time distortion and the interplay of the diverse rhythms intertwining in her environment. From the quick motion of people outside her Ridgewood apartment juxtaposed with the slow, fluid movements of her indoor plants, to the intense traffic on Myrtle Ave contrasting the flowing red light shadows on her studio walls, Ma Sha blends warped reality and sound exploration forming the perfect collage.

Shaping her distinct solo sound with a focus on finding a balance between her critical thinking and intuition, each track resonates with different emotional states. By aligning heavily time-stretched elements with chopping and granulation techniques, Ma Sha skillfully incorporates the altered time concept within the tracks’ structure. If "KV December" mirrors unpredictable emotional fluctuations, in both “Myrtle Warp” and “Psyspi” vocal textures’ shifts and layered synths co-exist with bold and sharp percussion. Accompanied by a fresh take by Ehua on one of the originals, the EP unravels around a warped perception of time while consistently maintaining the playful atmosphere that defines Ma Sha’s personality and the music that truly inspires her.

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