• Digital

The Other Side

  • Cat No: EDGE-024
  • Release: 2024-03-22


digital 1000 JPY

The Ghia reworks chapter concludes with "The Other Side," a thrilling release featuring three contemporary funk tracks and three instrumentals. Marian Tone and vocalist Adriano Prestel collaborate on the standout track, transforming the synth-funk instrumental "Message From The Other Side" into a soulful anthem that resonates with the timeless message of the importance of listening and understanding in solving today's challenges. Next up, DJ Friction takes "Out Of Luck" to new heights with his remix. A synth bassline replaces the original, a punchier kick and a clap snare give it a classic boogie feel. Additional strings on the chorus and an extended build-up complete the transformation, making it a fantastic tune for any DJ set.

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