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  • Cat No: EK001
  • Release: 2024-03-22


digital 2200 JPY

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0bit/0khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

For its first publication, Edition Kymata has commissioned a five-part long-form work from Stefan
Goldmann. This exposé to an incorporeal spatial structure captures infinite reverb responses to five
carefully designed immersive spaces.

Building on his earlier reverb-only work 'Call and Response' (2022), the capacity of reverberation to
facilitate the experience of impossible architecture is further explored - possibly in its clearest form to
date. The five zones of intangible aural sensibility compiled in this box set range from soothing to
menacing, inviting to a unique critical listening situation in which the listener's perception is the
dynamic side of the exchange while the stimulus persists in profound permanence.
The properties of the five enclosures - boundless in the time domain, distinct in their spatial
characteristics - reveal themselves completely and can be precisely described in statistical data,
allowing for multiple levels of access: a brief visit, long-term contemplation, exclusive ownership.
Stefan Goldmann is an electronic music composer based in Berlin, Germany.

Edition Kymata is a publishing house for audio arts with a focus on the study of first principles.

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