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Make Bangers Not Anthems LP

  • Cat No: APLTRONIC020
  • Release: 2024-04-26


digital 1400 JPY

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

We are glad to be able to finally present you "Make Bangers Not Anthems" -the complete album- by the incredibly talented Artizhan. Set to drop on April 26th, this album is poised to redefine the sonic boundaries previously set by its creator. "Make Bangers Not Anthems" is a sonic journey crafted by Artizhan, an artist whose creativity knows no bounds. Comprising nine tracks that traverse the realms of Breakbeat, Jungle, Bass, and D&B, this album is the outcome of an exhilarating sonic experience lasted nine months. Each track stands as a testament to Artizhan's mastery in blending diverse genres into a brilliant array of dark rhythms and harmonies. Originally introduced to the world in the form of nine single releases, each track garnered its own following and acclaim. Now, "Make Bangers Not Anthems" reunites these standalone pieces into a cohesive record, offering listeners the opportunity to immerse themselves in the complete sonic experience Artizhan has meticulously curated. This avant-garde album finds its home on Apparel Tronic, a label that has been the canvas for Artizhan's musical creations for many years. The label's commitment to pushing the boundaries of music aligns seamlessly with Artizhan's artistic vision, making it the perfect backdrop for this release. With a title like "Make Bangers Not Anthems", Artizhan challenges conventional norms in electronic music. This album is a departure from the ordinary, transcending genres and defying expectations; from heart-pounding beats to intricate rhythms, each track displays the artist's commitment to pushing the envelope. Join us as we celebrate the culmination of Artizhan's creative prowess on Apparel Tronic with his digital LP "Make Bangers Not Anthems".

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