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VARIOUS ARTISTS Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 (Experimental Guitar-Driven Tropical Sounds From Perú 1966/1976)

▼ Tracklisting

A2.LOS ORIENTALES DE PARAMONGA - Lobos Al Escape (2:33)sample
A3.LOS DESTELLOS - Pasión Oriental (4:31)sample
A4.GRUPO CELESTE - Viento (3:43)sample
A5.LOS MIRLOS - Cabalgando Con Ella (3:11)sample
A6.MANZANITA Y SU CONJUNTO - Arre Caballito (3:09)sample
B1.LOS MIRLOS - El Escape (2:49)sample
B2.LOS WEMBLER'S DE IQUITOS - Un Silbido Amoroso (2:35)sample
B3.LOS DESTELLOS - La Ardillita (2:44)sample
B4.LOS BELTONS - Cumbia Pop (2:51)sample
B5.LOS BETA 5 - Beteando (3:39)sample
B6.LOS GALAX - Lamento De Un Galax (3:13)sample
B7.ANICETO Y SUS FABULOSOS - Mi Gran Noche (2:55)sample
C1.JUANECO Y SU COMBO - Mujer Hilandera (3:50)sample
C2.LOS SANDER'S DE ÑAñA - El Tramboyito (2:34)sample
C3.LOS BETA 5 - La Danza De La Tortuga (2:54)sample
C4.LOS DESTELLOS - Guajira Sicodélica (3:25)sample
C5.LOS ORIENTALES DE PARAMONGA - Captura De Lobos (2:47)sample
C6.LOS DIABLOS ROJOS - Malambo (4:13)sample
D1.LOS ÁTOMOS DE PARAMONGA - El Trencito (3:14)sample
D2.LOS BETA 5 - La Jorobita (3:50)sample
D3.LOS ECOS - Aquí En La Fiesta (I Don't Want To Spoil The Party) (2:52)sample
D4.LOS DEMONIOS DE COROCOCHAY - La Chichera (2:56)sample
D5.LOS DEMONIOS DEL MANTARO - Liliana (2:22)sample
D6.LOS MIRLOS - Lamento En La Selva (3:04)sample

In 1960s Peru, a thrilling and unstoppable style of music is born: Peruvian cumbia, also known as "chicha". Tropical genres such as merengue, guaracha, rumba and cumbia mix with 60s beat and psychedelic rock, while electric guitars reinterpret folk melodies and traditions from the Andes and the Amazonian jungle, in a musical representation of the exodus from rural areas to Lima and other big cities. First volume of a new series dedicated to documenting this most exciting and popular genre.



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