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FRENCH FRIES Working On A Dream / Shades Of Light

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ベース以降のフランスのエレクトロニック・ミュージック、ハウス・レーベル〈CLEKCLEKBOOM〉からBAMBOUNOUとともに、レーベルの中心的ユニットで〈DIRTYBIRD〉からもリリースするFRENCH FRIES。モダンなエレクトロニクスの感覚でハウス・ミュージックをアップデートした2TRACKS.余談ですがプロフィールみて驚いたんですが、この人当店でもお馴染みのウルグアイの伝説的サイケロック・バンドLOS JAIVASのPAJARO CANZANIの息子だそうです。 (サイトウ)

The label say "While the 'Kepler' planter is still investigated it's time to get some reports from the ongoing interplanetary mission. Remixing tracks is not an easy task and only solid cosmic craftsmanship would do the job. The ClekClekBoom orbital station has luckily found two special extra crew members for this tricky and delicate operation. Planet A sector is covered by an already legend among electronic music producers, the man Fred P from NYC. His reshape of 'Change the Past' takes us to a nebulous journey filled with a multitude of sonic details and surrounded by some dreamy astral pads. Less dark than the original version, this slow jam keep an infectious rhythm steady all along and would be perfect for a rooftop session when the sun hit the sky. The Planet B sector is occupied by an italian prodigy, the not-so new comer Chevel. Playing with the cryptic 'Change the Past' vocals, his mix turn the track into a minimal boogie affair toned down by subtle key chords and interstellar bleeps pulsating around heavy toms drums. The next exoplanet being at billions light years away, enjoy these two supernovas while waiting during the trip?"



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