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VARIOUS ARTISTS UFO on Farm Road 318: Twisted Tales from the Vinyl Wastelands Volume 1

▼ Tracklisting

A1.HORACE HELLER - Hello World (2:17)sample
A2.SIDNEY ESTER - U.F.O. On Farm Road 318 (2:24)sample
A3.SCOTTIE STONEMAN - The Martian Band (2:27)sample
A4.NEAL MERRITT - I Like To Booze It (2:06)sample
A5.THE SPACE WALKERS - Swamp Gas (2:56)sample
A6.CALVIN BOLES - Lookin' For That UFO (2:15)sample
A7.DAN PRICE (11) - Who's Gonna Sleep With Me (2:22)sample
A8MIKE YAGER - The Invader (1:55)sample
A9.BILL CARLISLE - Tiny Space Man (1:50)sample
B1.HOWARD & THE TRUETONES - Harlan Country (2:19)sample
B2.LARRY STEELE - Little Jimmy (2:43)sample
B3.RUDY PRESTON - Poor White Trash (2:27)sample
B4.FORREST GREEN & THE RANGERS - Poverty (2:03)sample
B5.JACK COOK - My Evil Mind (2:08)sample
B6.LITTLE CAROLYN SUE - I Hate Men (2:15)sample
B7.JOHNNIE HOWARD - Moon Man (2:35)sample
B8.CHUCK ROBBINS - U.F.O. Go Away (1:50)sample
B9.GENE HALL - Monkey On The Moon (2:16)sample



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