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T.WILTSHIRE Selfless Machines

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ドリーミー・ハードウェア・テクノ/エレクトロ、いい一枚。ロンドンのTENDER HOOKSのレーベル。

ロンドンのCorsica Studiosでの同名のパーティーでもあり、DJプロジェクトでもあるTENDER HOOKSのレーベル第4弾。シングルを同レーベルからリリースしたT.WILTSHIREの新作。ポリリズミック・エレクトロ。ハンドプリントのアートワーク。(A1とB1にプレスに起因する凹みがありスクラッチノイズが入ります)ノイズ入りますが、全ての盤同じだと思うので、内容いいしそのまま売ります。 (サイトウ)

support: space dimension controller, dj sprinkles, seven davis jr, bradley zero, contours, fred p, erol alkan, ewan pearson, michael serafini, adesse versions, severino, jackie honey soundsystem, scuba, photonz + more

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Track 1sample
A2.Track 2sample
B1.Track 3sample
B2.Track 4sample

Tender Hooks’ fourth release comes courtesy of label torchbearer T.Wiltshire. The record marks the debut LP from us, and takes the form of an 8-tracker entitled Selfless Machines.

For Selfless Machines, T.Wiltshire has fashioned a collection of intricate cuts on an analogue setup, fusing warm layered atmospheres, meandering synth motifs and dusty drum patterns. Nestled comfortably between the living room and the dance floor, Selfless Machines is an engaging and wily mechanical mistress, hellbent on your attentions.

A 4-track hand-stamped LP sampler will be available on limited press 12” with individual artwork and inserts + full LP download codes. Full digital release to follow.

All artwork by Robert Foster -

All tracks mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy -

Distributed by Lobster Distribution -



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