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NICK THE RECORDの未発表アーカイヴから、LIFE FORCE/SOUL ASCENDANTS期のシークレットアンセム「Lifeforce Theme」!

SOUL ASCENDANTS期の音源だと話していたその名も「Lifeforce Theme」。ファンキーベース、ドラマティック、鍵盤&シンセサイザー。最高! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Lifeforce Themesample
B. Recordnitionsample

Nick The Record is one of the UK's most respected record dealers as well as a highly gifted DJ that have worked the inner circles of the underground disco, afro, soul, funk and house scene since the early 90s.

For those who don't know he was 1/2 of Soul Ascendants that released some serious Fela inspired house on Nuphonic Records in the late 90's.
He's currently enjoying a well deserved hype due to his heavy compilations on Z Records and various remixes.
For his first release on GAMM he goes all disco with two big reworks that are sure to get the heads moving.

Lifeforce Theme is a tribute to the Japan collective where he's been a resident DJ for over 20 years.
Recordnition is a heavy percussion'n'philly disco burner that got that deep NYC disco feel all over it.

Nick definitely got THE records.



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