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HENRY KEEN 70's Baby

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ロンドンの注目のシンセサイザー奏者でDJでもあるHENRY KEEN。アルバム推薦です!

DJとしては、20年以上のキャリアがあり、THE ROOM BELOW名義でPUAL WHITEとのスプリットと〈DON'T BE AFRAID〉からの12インチ2種をリリースしているHENRY KEENが本人名義でアルバム・リリース!RAWなフューチャージャズ、アナログシンセ、アフリカンビートとサウンドシステムカルチャーから産まれたダンスホールを組み合わせたようなブロークン・ビーツ。AL DOBSON JRやTHEO PARRISHにも通じるような注目作。ブルックリンのレーベルMaddjazz Recordingから。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A170's Baby1:45sample
A4Flow London1:47
A5Gotta Step!2:44sample
B1Brotherly Love1:34sample
B2Two Laws3:18sample
B3Miriam's Funk1:45
B4Strange Way to Play2:45
B5Turn of the Season3:45

Debuting under his given name for Maddjazz Recordings' second offering, is DJ, producer and synth enthusiast Henry Keen.

Henry's music was discovered after a long night of online digging, and after several exchanges, it was apparent that Henry was making music that defined exactly what Maddjazz is striving to achieve; honest music that's free of form and not constrained by any genre or tempo.

Henry has been making music as Soundspecies alongside brother Olly since 1998 and the duo are also members of London-based experimental Gnawa band, Electric Jalaba. He also produces solo under the alias, The Room Below, initially reworking close friend Paul White's 'Rapping With' album but more recently exploring dance floor territories with releases on UK imprint 'Don't Be Afraid'.

70's Baby is a raw and honest record. A collection of uptempo grooves written in various locations around hectic inner London. It's spirit is born out of the freedom of the CDR sessions at the now defunct club Plastic People, where many of Henry's productions were first shared, and where tempo and genre were irrelevant. It references Henry's love for the instrumentation, recording techniques and sounds of the 1970s, the decade of his birth. Featuring a tasteful blend of worldly and otherworldly sounds, It owes itself to modern and ancient dance themes alike.

We are so pleased and honored to be presenting this mini LP to the world!



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