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ASHLEY BEEDLEのリミックスも収録!オリジナル、アシュレーのリミックスともに各方面から絶賛されている話題作にして、推薦盤。

スモーキーなオーセンティック・ディープハウス。オールドスクール志向、アシュレー・ビードルも流石ですが、オリジナルもすごく良い。ループシーケンスの絶妙さ、ステレオフォニックなディテール。こういうリリースも増えて欲しい! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Body & Soul Original Mix. sample
A2. I Ain’t Got Nothing. sample
B1. Body & Soul Ashley Beedle’s ‘North Street’ Remix. sample
B2. I Feel It. sample

F*CLR Music are proud to present Irish producer/DJ, Glenn Davis and his debut release.

A deep soulful affair aimed firmly at the dance floor fusing his love of all things Chicago, Detroit & NYC.

The title track 'Body & Soul' has its roots firmly in the Strictly Rhythm/Nu Groove groove - a lush, organ driven banger that is guaranteed to incite hands in the air mayhem.

Ashley Beedle & the North Street crew put a different spin on 'Body & Soul' giving it a spaced out, Balearic feel while 'I ain't got nothing' has got attitude and then some.

The held string, melancholy chords and beautifully ethereal vocals take you to that tiny, dimly lit backstreet club in your mind - you've all been there - the one you never want to leave.

The gasping interjections on 'I feel it' are underpinned by ominous synths while 'Emotional Intelligence' takes you in an even darker Detroit direction.



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