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デトロイト発、アフリカンなトライバル・エレクトロニック・ダンスGive Us Rain (Ah Mila)筆頭に3曲。

デトロイトのPETER CROCEと共にレーベル〈ROCKSTEADY DISCO〉を運営しているMOONLIGHTERのデビューEP。マスタリングも手掛けたAT JAZZやJIMPSTER, PONTCHARTRAIN [Soul Clap Records), Dazzle Drums達が賛辞を送る一枚。サンプリングのシーケンスをメインに丁寧な音への配慮でじっくりいいです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Give Us Rain (Ah Mila) (7:52)sample
B1.Kinematic (6:32)sample
B2.A Certain Average Kind Of Normal Experience (6:51)sample

Physician by day, musician by night, Moonlighter makes his production debut after steadily holding down Rocksteady Disco labelmate duties. "Give Us Rain (Ah Mila)" begins the 12" beautifully, blending ethereal African samples with Moonlighter's own melodic and percussive performance. "Kinematic" kicks off the flip on a more cosmic and tech-y tip, with bubbly synth stabs and drums. "A Certain Average Kind Of Normal Experience" closes out this opus with a massive peak hour bassline, emotive synthesis, and a vocal sample from everybody's favorite UK philosopher. The Moonlighter EP is a culmination of his diverse production and digging ethos by blending the percussive with the melodic, the peak hour with the subdued, and the head with the heart.



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