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DUB SURGEON The Lost Future

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FUTURE DUBから2枚のEPをリリースしたのみで封印。JAY HAZEがRICARDO VILLALOBOSバックアップのもとダブやった奴です。未発表だった音源を UAEの〈ARK TO ASHES〉がアナログリリース。〈レゲエ通信番外編。2018.08.14.〉

ヨーロッパに渡りレーベル〈CONTEXTERRIOR〉と〈FUTURE DUB〉をスタートし、実験的なミニマル・テクノシーンの気鋭のアーチストだったJAY HAZE。彼のダブ・プロジェクトDUB SURGEONがリカルド・ヴィラロボスをエンジニアに迎え制作した「The Lost Future」をUAEのSHADI MEGALLAA主宰のダブワイズ/レフトフィールドなサイケデリック・ダンス・レーベル〈ARK TO ASHES〉が20年の時を経てアナログリリース。完全に狂ったことやってた最高な奴です。 (サイトウ).

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Untitled Dub 1 sample
A2. Untitled Dub 2
A3. Untitled Dub 3 sample
B1. Untitled Dub 4
B2. Untitled Dub 5 sample
B3. Untitled Dub 6
C1. Untitled Dub 7 sample
C2. Untitled Dub 8
C3. Untitled Dub 9
C4. Untitled Dub 10
D1. Untitled Dub 11
D2. Untitled Dub 12 sample
D3. Untitled Dub 13

Some time around 20 years ago, the artist known as Dub Surgeon made an absorbing album of beautiful dub infused with ambiance, found sounds and horizontal rhythms. The Lost Future was recorded at the former Amsterdam Film Academy where Dub Surgeon. The recording engineer for the project was Ricardo Villalobos.

Dub surgeon and Ricardo Villalobos then mastered it together, putting it through several vintage mixers and recording it to 2 inch tape. Then, tragedy struck: a storm surged and ignited a fire that ravaged the studio. The master copy was thought to have been lost forever.

Dub Surgeon stopped making music and disappeared into the shadows after just two EPs on Future Dub in 2002/3. But one day 15 years later, totally out of the blue, he received a demo of The Lost Future. "Pay attention to this," it said.

Attached was a demo version of the long lost album and now, finally, it has a perfect and impossibly poetic home on Dubai's Ark to Ashes, which is named in homage to the story of Lee "Scratch" Perry burning down his Black Ark studio to rid it of demons.

Sounding as fresh as ever, The Lost Future is an authentic dub experience with a story as special as the music itself.



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