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ニックの来日時にもプレイしてきたシーレクットウェポン。アナログプレス。到着しました!〈RECORD MISSION〉シリーズ第4弾 !! , IDJUT BOYSのDANとの THE NO COMMERCIAL VALUE BAND。

IDJUT BOYSのDAN TYLERとNICK THE RECORDによるRECORD MISSIONシリーズ第4弾。第1弾のクレジットに刻まれていたNICK THE RECORD, DAN & THE NO COMMERCIAL VALUE BANDでの12インチ。前回の来日時にもニックがプレイしていたアンセム的一曲!HARRY THURMANの「Underwater」も使用されていると思われる「Play」、「Feel Good Time」な パーティー賛歌「Play」もグッド・フィーリング。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Give Me Moresample

Nick The Record & Dan Tyler are back with the long awaited, much anticipated 4th release on their Record Mission imprint.
If you have heard Nick The Record play out during the past year you've probably heard Work & you've definitely heard Give Me More - which has been the tune Nick has been asked about the most over the last years busy DJ schedule.

They had some technical difficulties which led to delays in getting this out... or did they just enjoy the exclusivity over the last year??? You decide!

Give Me More is a Squidgy Funky Disco winner for the discerning dancefloor and already a bit of an anthem.
Work is a feel good vocal Disco tune in celebration of the weekend party time when the week's work is over.
Play is a high speed Space Disco meets Jazz jam that sounds like there was a collision between Harry Thumann & Jason Lindh somewhere in space, or maybe underwater.



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