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かっこいい!PPUファンもマストなLO-FIナイジェリアン・ブギー。最高なアルバム。イタリアのディガーによる注目のニューレーベルDIG THIS WAY RECORDS第1弾。

オリジナルはナイジェリアのEMI 1984年超高値をつけるディガー垂涎の一枚。ギタリストでヴォーカリストのPETER ABDUL、SOUNDWAYがアルバムを再発したODION IRUOJEがプロデュース、そしてもう一人、まとまったコンピや再発こそ出ていないものの、ナイジェリアのディスコ・ディガーに注目されているキーマン、シンセサイザー奏者のNKONO TELESが参加しています。ヴォーカルの個性、演奏、LO-FIな打ち込み、質感も魅力の最高な一枚! (サイトウ)


▼ Tracklisting

A1.Don't You Know?sample
A2.Baby I Love Yousample
A3.Get Down With Mesample
B2.Just Start To Understand Yousample
B3.Let's Do Itsample

First release on promising new label Dig This Way - heavy Nigerian boogie LP with that raw characteristic lo-fi feel - Nkono Teles on keys and Odion Iruoje on the production. Dope!! Dig this way records is proud to present it's first official reissue: a marvelous Nigerian disco boogie album by Peter Abdul - Get Down With Me. Impossible to find on the original EMI press is now finally back into the market for everybody to enjoy it and make the hips move! Originally released in 1984 it's an outstanding experimentation of Nigerian disco boogie - heavily influenced by western artists - played by talented musician that follows with their monster cosmic sounds the tiny and strong voice of Peter Abdul in his only officially released LP. The luck of this work came from the collaboration with Nkono Teles at keyboards ; Sole at bass guitar; Ganiyu Bello, Emmanuel Akoko Jr. And Tolu Gayas as backup vocalists - arranged and produced by Odion Iruoje and assisted by some good engineers like Bayo Aro, Monday Oki and Edward Jatto. All together they created this insane disco- boogie LP. For the 2018 reissue, the audio was carefully restored by Colin Young - Liner notes that come with a interview and some unseen and raw original pictures of Peter Abdul back in the days- these photos are printed separately on tick quality paper insert (from a small studio of Milano called Legno).



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