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オールドスクール、90sサウンド。MOSCOMANからJUSTIN ROBERTSONまで絶賛する一枚。

秘教、アフリカン呪術といったワールドミュージックの妖しさに魅せられたアリーデイズのGOAやグローバルビーツなUKレイヴ、プログレッシヴハウスのような、オールドスクール志向なユニークな一枚。RED LIGHT RADIOなんかにも登場しているモスクワのUNINCとKOLOMENSKYの第1弾リリース。OLSVANGER(sample2)なるテルアヴィヴのプロデューサーの異空間な傑作リミックス、〈RANSOME NOTE〉のTIMOTHY CLERKINのミックスもぶっとんでます。 (サイトウ).

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Pagan Rave sample
A2. Pagan Rave (Timothy Clerkin Remix) sample
B1 Ancient Tool sample
B2 Ancient Tool (Olsvanger Remix) sample

IDA007 is a vinyl release entitled ‘Pagan Rave EP’ by label’s co-founders Uninc & Kolomensky coming up from the emerging Moscow scene.

Title track opens EP with breakbeat groove, flute solos and slavic vocals combined with progressive and acid lines to deliver unexpected mix of pagan folk music and rave rhythms.

‘Ancient Tool’ is another original track on the A-side with tribe vocal samples combined with acid and punchy rhythm section filled up with bongos to create a dancefloor oriented DJ tool with ancient flavor.

On the remix duties at the B-side are Ransom Note’s craftsman Timothy Clerkin with slow atmospheric and meditative version of ‘Pagan Rave’ and quickly emerging Olsvangèr from Tel-Aviv who delivers weird oriental progressive club banger made up from the ‘Ancient Tool’. Overall there is an 12’’ saturated with different vibes neatly crafted and mixed together for a wide range of feelings for the listener and tools for the DJ.

DJ Feedback

“cool stuff” - Moscoman
“Olsvangèr mix is a banger” - Marvin & Guy
“cool cool cool! will play” - Perel
“Fan of this duo! Pagan Rave is my favorite” - Reza Athar
“what a great ep love love it” - PBR Streetgang
“Pagan rave is sick” - Tronik Youth
“ACEE” - Jonathan Kusuma
“mega! great release” - Justin Robertson



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