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ANTHONY NAPLES - Take Me With You : LP

ANTHONY NAPLESが”友人に捧げるミックステープ”として、カセットとデジダルのみでリリースした2rdアルバムがレコード化!FOUR TET主宰の〈TEXT〉から発表した1stから実に3年ぶりとなるフルアルバムは、彼のサウンドを支える一面を切り取った作品。瞑想チルな音空間で横断するエレクトロ・アンビエント・ダブそしてテクノ。

〈GOOD MORNING TAPES〉よりリリースされ、RAのベストアルバム2018にもピックされた話題の一枚がついにvinyl化。セルフレーベル〈ANS〉カタログ02。SUZANNE CIANI、ARTHUR RUSSELLからHOLGER CZUKAYの影響下のスペースサイエンスなエレクトロサウンド。エフェクト処理からビート挿入、シンセリフレインが調和したサウンドスケープ。"BIG CHILL"クラシックのJOHN BARRY「Midnight Cowboy」をメディテーンションダブにアレンジした「Drifter」(sample1)など、アフターパーティを思う残響とチルアウト。素晴らしいのひとことに尽きます。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Alto sample
A2. Goodness sample
A3. Drifter sample
A4. Spiral sample
A5. Tango sample
A6. 365 sample
B1. Shredder sample
B2. El Portal Pt. II sample
B3. Love Loop To Fade sample
B4. Worldwide sample
B5. Things Will Never B Tha Same sample
B6. Take Me With You sample

Anthony Naples returns with his second full length album, "Take Me With You", arriving first as a ‘Mixed Version’ cassette inspired and commissioned by the Good Morning Tapes series, followed by Digital, Vinyl and even Long Sleeve T-Shirt formats. 

Originally conceived as a D.J. mixtape dedicated to friends and the time spent with them in the morning hours after the parties over (or beginning) - it quickly morphed into a soft focused meditation on all things warm and intangible.

“Take Me With You” fires off in all styles - the opening triptych of the extra-cosmic “Alto”, post-rave pianos of “Goodness” and slow-dance-inducing “Drifter” bring the attention inward — taking cues from a host of personal favorites including: “Space” LP by Space, The Theater Of Eternal Music, Panda Bear’s “Person Pitch” , Atlas Sound’s “Let The Blind Lead…”, Arthur Russell’s “World Of Echo”, Suzanne Ciani’s “Buchla Concerts: 1975”, The Microphones “The Glow Pt. II” & “Mount Eerie”, A mixtape of Krautrock from DJ Ivan Berko and most definitely Holger Czukay, “Take Me With You” is a fresh turn for Naples as he ascends into a blend of his most personal work to date — touching on trip-hop, psychedelic pop, ambient house, and much more along the way.

Make no mistake - “Take Me With You”’s message is undoubtedly about escapism, given away by its happy-abductee cover art done by the legend Biscuit— but first and foremost it reflects on that lingering feeling one gets when walking away from the ones they love.



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