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PH 1 Lucid EP

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DJ CENTRAL, SPORTSたちのレーベル〈HELP Recordings〉から、カセットでデビューしているPH 1が デンマークの〈MULTIPLEX〉から新作リリース!アナログなハードウェアサウンドの魅力。ディテールまで素晴らしい。MOOD HUTあたりのファン是非。

DJ CENTRAL, SPORTSとの3人でHI MOUNTという名義でもリリースしているPH 1がデンマークの名門〈MULTIPLEX〉からシングルリリース。デトロイトテクノやシカゴハウスのエッセンスを受け継ぎながら、アナログな電子音の魅力。オーセンティックな「Time Of Day」、ブレイクするビートで繰り広げるピアノとナレーション、コズミックなサイファイ・トラック「Infinite Pressure」筆頭に、LO-FIテクノ素晴らしいサウンド。オリジナル4曲とUS西海岸テクノのレジェンドTITONTON DUVANTÉのリミックスを収録。どの曲もほんと素晴らしいです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Time Of Daysample
A2.Infinite Pressuresample
A3.Bonafide Plattersample
B1.Make Your Reality (Titonton Duvante FLiP)sample
B2.Make Your Realitysample

pH 1 released his "Technicolor Vision" cassette album on Help Recordings in 2016, but is also part of the group Hi Mount along with Central and DJ Sports. The three have released together on Regelbau. The name pH 1 bear a less than subtle reference to the sound of acid, and his productions definitely reflects early UK house and break beat with elements of acid jazz. He first crossed paths with Multiplex while performing a live set in his hometown before Steen Kong was to DJ. The two quickly connected and we are happy to welcome pH 1 to the Multiplex family.

Born and raised in Aarhus, Denmark but often traveling to UK where he also spent his teens. He started playing guitar at age eight, but once he'd felt wax on a 1210, saved up for a pair of Technics.

His Lucid EP opens with "Time of Day" a beautiful house production, "Infinite Pressure" presents a deep, cinematic journey, while "Bonafide Platter" is a playful, acidic tune. Titonton Duvanté delivered the amazing Futurity EP for Multiplex in 1998 with four funky acid tracks, the perfect candidate to add to pH 1's universe. Titonton has remixed "Make Your Reality" on the B-side and the original mix of that track gets the final word of the EP.



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