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ZOE'S SHANGAI A Mirage (Meant To Last Forever)

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揺らめくギター&鍵盤をバックに歌う女性シンガー。スペインのZOE'S SHANGAIのデビューEPストックしました!

ジャイルスのWORLD WIDE FMやJAZZ FMヨーロッパ各地でも話題となってる、フランス、キューバ等を渡り歩き、現在はバルセロナを拠点にしているZOE'S SHANGAIの6曲入りEP。シンガーとしての魅力も素晴らしいZOEを中心に、フェンダーの音色、ジャズ、アフリカ、ソウル。。。どことなくKHRUANGBINも思わせるようなレイドバックで、カレイドスコープな揺らめくバンドアンサンブルも魅力。ジャジー・ニューソウル・ライン、YAZMIN LACEYあたりに続いてオススメの一枚です。 (サイトウ)

Zoe’s Shanghai does not want you to know what’s coming.

With their debut EP A Mirage (Meant To Last Forever) and its kaleidoscopic textures, rich melodies, fizzing percussions and soulful vocals, they effortlessly lead your imagination and sense of rhythm, to places you did not expect, feeling things you did not know were there.

The music making process for Zoe’s Shanghai is a series of mysterious intuitive steps from one thrilling discovery to the next. These sounds and ideas flow between the members of the group, iterating into a tightly formed composition, forming original bases of sound and then rolling off the edge into unchartered territory with Zoé’s voice reflecting on themes like the subjectivity of reality, the creation of memories and internal contradictions.

Your ears and body will listen as they are lead through an exploration of acapella silk-road scale vocals caught by light swinging chords, tender and reflective bassline foundations supporting Zoé’s wandering reflections, rolling out into the sunlight of nurturing neo-soul chord sections, rounded and warm textures punctuated by broken beat, walls of vocal harmonies swelling over shimmering percussion as it rolls away.

A Mirage (Meant To Last Forever) is the record of Zoe’s Shanghai’s thrilling, joyful, mysterious, groovy and shared process of music making. The loving extension of what Zoé has been discovering in music since she can remember.



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